Thank you very much for visiting our page. Located in the woodworking city of Okawa, we were founded as a company specializing in vacuum bonding.

At our company, we mainly use vacuum bonding to place sheets printed with a wood grain pattern onto boards called MDF (medium density fiberboards). The products in which our company have vacuum bonded are then delivered to furniture makers and joinery makers who assemble and manufacture furniture itself, or are used in various places such as the fronts and tops of furniture, interior doors of houses and doors of shoe racks.

Although we are not a company that makes whole furniture or builds houses, we are proud that we will continue to play a part in creating a living space that will satisfy our customers. We will continue to work actively to improve our skills and develop new products.

Takato Noda

Our Company

Name of business Noda Industrial, Ltd.
CEO Noda Takato
Address 1019-5 Oaza Ohjima, Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Telephone 0944-87-7502
FAX 09044-87-9467
Established July 1, 2021
Company Details Manufacturing and sales of decorative boards for furniture and joinery.
Manufacturing and sales of doors for indoor use.
Other bonding processes and sales of decorative boards.



Noda Industrial, Ltd.

1019-5 Oaza Ohjima, Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture

TEL 0944-87-7502

Take the Ariake Kaigan Road and after exiting at Ohnojima IC, take prefectural road number 18.
(There is an intersection caution sign on the side of the road)

Noda Industrial CO., LTD.

1019-5 Oaza Ohnoshima
Okawa City
Fukuoka Prefecture, JAPAN
TEL / 0944-87-7502 
FAX / 0944-87-9467

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