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About us

Our company was first founded in 2011 as a furniture manufacturer. In July of 2021, we became incorporated and are now known as Noda Industrial, Ltd.

By taking advantage of the skills with wood working that we have thus far cultivated, we aim to please our customers with our “high value techniques” by expanding to decorative veneer paneling as well as various lapping processes.


Original Products

Introducing Noda Industrial original products.

Our EquipmentOur Equipment

An introduction to the machinery used at Noda Industrial including the vacuum press, cold press, and more.

Noda Industrial CO., LTD.

1019-5 Oaza Ohnoshima
Okawa City
Fukuoka Prefecture, JAPAN
TEL / 0944-87-7502 
FAX / 0944-87-9467

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